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More about Me

I Create a Celebration that is Uniquely You 

I was born and raised in Montana. I live on a 5 generation family farm. My family got their start from Beekeeping in the early 1900's. I am in love with this family and farm I live on with my husband and boys. I am inspired daily by these beautiful landscapes that surround us in Montana. I love the simplicity of a country life. I'm in love with weddings in rural Montana. I'm a simple woman who looks for the beauty in everyone and everything. There is such elegance in simplicity. 


The last few years have been crazy for me and everyone else in this world. I always knew I wanted to help people and create. I created this wedding company so that the everyday couple could have that AMAZING wedding and show off their AMAZING photos and experience. No one needs to break the bank to have the wedding of their dreams. We all want that "Pinterest" wedding. I created this business so you can have your affordable "Pinterest" wedding but still have plenty of money in the bank after it's over! 

I started this business while trying to decide what kind of wedding celebration I wanted for my second marriage. Yes, I had the huge wedding once before and did not want anything like that again. I wanted something simple with just a few our closest family members and friends. I didn't want to spend a lot of money or stress. We have kids and a mortgage- no time or money for a big expensive wedding. I wanted something beautiful but simple we all would remember. I all I needed were photos, an officiant, a few decorations, and a bouquet. There wasn't anything like this in this area so here we are- I started this for the laid back bride and groom that want that amazing simple Montana wedding!


  I do love big ,wonderful life events and celebrations too.  From a young age, I dreamed of bringing to life the best celebrations for each occasion, from little country celebrations to extravagant celebrations. I like simplicity but simplicity can be elegant.  This passion of mine has evolved into what I have become today—a devoted wedding producer, wedding decorator, wedding officiant, event coordinator, and photographer.  


I'm so thankful that I've found my calling. I can create and be your artist! We are so lucky to live in Montana! I'm blessed to have my husband partner in this with me. I have the ideas, and he builds whatever I want him to. He knows how to use all of those power tools.  I wouldn't be here without him!

If you ask my clients, they'll tell you that I put my heart and soul into every wedding and event I plan like it was my own. With my knowledge and creativity at your disposal, you can sit back, relax, and soak in the excitement of your big day! 

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